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What makes a CRM software truly valuable is not the ability to track every movement your membership base makes, but the amount of critical data that you are able to collect once the system is properly adopted.  The newest versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales are furthering the ability for automation, tracking of member activity, and success rates with simple data entry.  This means that instead of using your CRM strategy to track your membership engagement, your association’s strategy should refocus to look at the big picture that Dynamics 365 can provide.  The question becomes, what data should you really use your CRM system to focus on and track?


Where Does Membership Acquisition Come from?

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales you can track your members from end-to-end.  You will be able to track when they first showed interest and what channel they found your association through.  Whether they found you through a social media post, email, or an article; today, members are reaching out to associations in more diverse ways than ever, and you need to keep track of these interactions.  With CRM software, you will also have the ability to report which channel is working the most at drawing new members into your association, while also being able to track which channels you need to target.

Not only does this information help your outreach team build a more efficient member engagement strategy; it also provides feedback for your marketing department.  When they begin tracking which channel generates the most interest and leads, they will be able to tailor their marketing campaigns towards what has been successful.  CRM software will lead you to truly understand the involvement of marketing and social marketing campaigns in your lead generation process and how changes you make on the business-end create results on the front-end of your team.


Ratios are the core of your organization, they unearth the way you should plan the future of your association.  These ratios include how many outbound calls and contacts funnel into potential new members, how many of those potential new members become active in your association, and finally how many of these previously engaged members are retained by your association.  This information will lead to knowing how large the front-end of your initial outreach needs to be, and how many potential new members and current members your association needs to retain in order to be successful.  Your goals will become specific and achievable and you have the ability to monitor how many attempts it takes to reach out to your members, as well as data showing the member’s engagement with your organization.  The knowledge of these ratios will allow your association to become more efficient and help you to know your organization better.

Pattern Analysis

Just like CRM data can give you a detailed outlook of different ratios, success rates, and campaign feedback; it can also analyze patterns in your membership base.  Your CRM system can assemble a general profile of the most valuable traits of the ideal, most valuable members in your association.  These profiles are built with data such as events attended, donations made, and which events have turned people away from your organization in the past.  With this member profile, you can prioritize your CRM database with contact information and focus on finding and engaging people that are similar to the profile built by the system, in order to receive the most return value for your outreach investment.

Pattern analysis is one of the most valuable functions of a CRM system, allowing you access to reports or comparison on outreach performance and member interaction with a single click.

Reasons for Losing Members

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales additionally tracks the moment when members deactivate their accounts or withdraw their interest in your organization.  When your outreach team enters their losses as well as their successes into CRM, you will see a bigger picture of your organization and an insight into how you can tighten your outreach strategy to prevent further loss of members. The quantifiable data will allow every member of your organization to become experts on what works for the recruitment of potential new members and what mistakes will cost your organization.  Instead of seeing this function as a regulatory one, your organization as a whole should adopt using this data in order to learn the benefits and recommendations the data provides.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is a valuable resource that will give incomparable insight into your association.  The data collected is more valuable when it is used to track patterns in your database.  Because this software is automated and all encompassing, it will help your team form a clear picture of the type of outreach they should work on.  Once your organization realizes how effective CRM data can be when utilized properly, they will be more productive and engaging.  All in all, a CRM system will turn your association into a well-oiled machine that has no problem engaging potential, current, and even former members.

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