Are You Getting the Following Subgrid Errors after Applying Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Rollup 1.0 (or CRM2015 Online Update 1)?

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 Are you seeing the following errors after you updated your Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 or 2015?

  • SetParameter is undefined
  • Cannot read property 'SetParameter' of undefined at FilterCasesSubgrid
  • Error: Unable to get property '$Y_3' of undefined or null reference
  • Unable to get property 'SetParameter' of undefined or null reference
  • Unable to get property setparameter of undefined or null reference

Microsoft has deprecated support for XML customization of subgrids in CRM2015 and CRM2016. Starting with CRM2016 Rollup 1.0 and CRM2015 Online update 1 You can no longer apply custom FetchXml to a subgrid using Javascript. As stated on the Microsoft website, “directly accessing the Document Object Model (DOM) of any Microsoft Dynamics CRM application pages is not supported.”

Where does this occur? If you have subgrids in CRM2015 or CRM2016 (on premise, or Microsoft cloud (CRM Online) where you have inserted XML code for filtering, the latest rollup removes support for processing these tags.

CRMD has a fully supported solution that can resolve the above issue – for more information please contact or visit our web site at to chat with a live agent.


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