Setting a Blank iFrame in CRM 2011

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Occasionally there are times when you need to default an iFrame to a blank page.  When this is the case, through JavaScript, you’ll then want to set the page to the desired URL.

With CRM 4.0, you could set your page to “/_root/blank.aspx”.  This page however, is no longer an option inside CRM 2011.

With CRM 2011, I like to use the loading screen “/_static/loading.htm”.  Although this page contains an animated .gif and slightly more HTML than a blank page, the reason I prefer this page is because it is already cached by the browser and provides the user with a nice loading graphic.




Why use a Loading Page?

There are several cases for when you want to use this technique.

  • If you are already programmatically setting the URL because there are multiple options for what the URL could be set to.
  • If you are hiding the iFrame based on Fields or Parameters on the form.
  • If by default you are hiding the iFrame and only showing it when the tab is expanded.

I’m generalizing, but the reason for these cases is to make the page load speed as quickly as possible.  The faster the page loads, the faster the user can get to the information they need.

Hope you enjoy!

Post by: Paul Way, Customer Effective

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