Build Customer Satisfaction Through Email Best Practices

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Email marketing  is one of the most dependable ways to reach prospective customers and nurture existing relationships. But as email vendors improve their tactics and technology continues to progress, it can be easy to lose sight of the customer’s needs. Follow these basic rules to keep your customers reading.

Keep Communication Timely and Consistent

When you maintain a regular schedule of emails to your audience your readers will begin to expect them and trust that the content is valuable. Email marketing with Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to stay on track with automation and ensure consistency with some simple guidelines:

  • Send out a newsletter at regular intervals, like monthly or quarterly, to get started
  • Keep email messaging consistent  so your readers experience a single voice from your organization 
  • Make sure your subject lines are brief and reflect the subject in the body of the email
  • Standardize the “from” address for every email  
  • Choose a design that you can stick with to build brand awareness with your readers


Create Content that Matters to Your Readers

Make sure you understand the industry or job function of the people you are targeting. Segment the audience into logical groups and match your content to their interests. Use different searches and filters in Microsoft Dynamics CRM to find only the contacts you want.  When you show readers that you understand their business and their challenges they will be ready to read more when you send them the next email.

Ask for Feedback

Make your emails interactive and fully connect with your audience with surveys and polls.  Include a “comments” area on your blog site.  Pay attention to the feedback you get and use suggestions to improve your content.  All of these tactics will help facilitate two-way communication between you and your customers.

Respect Their Decisions

When a reader unsubscribes, respect their choice and remove them from your list.  No questions asked.  Manage opt-in or opt-out lists in Microsoft Dynamics CRM to keep your lists clean.

These simple guidelines will help you keep that regular dialogue going to show your prospects that you understand their business and their challenges.  Email marketing can keep your organization top of mind with product and service offerings that matter to your reader.  Contact Steve Kane (301-634-2404 or at BroadPoint Technologies, Virginia’s most experienced Dynamics CRM Microsoft Partner.

By BroadPoint Technologies, a Virginia Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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