Your Brand Sux – Turning Sentiment Into Opportunity

Your Brand Sux – Turning Sentiment Into Opportunity

Let me just say, we don’t think your brand ‘sux’, but in today’s social and mobile world you may encounter this type of sentiment at some point during the life of your business. Coming from a global company that just underwent one of the biggest branding overhauls of the century, we know how hard it is to build a brand—and to face the critics of your most heartfelt work. One thing we’ve learned, however, is that even negative sentiment can be turned into an opportunity to improve your marketing, sales, and service teams. Ultimately, social offers an unprecedented ability to drive more personalized, authentic customer experiences.


In the following pages, we focus on how to reap the rewards of customer feedback on social, even if it isn’t always positive (and trust us, it won’t be). Nobody is perfect—and the best of us are always on the lookout to improve.


This first ebook on social listening for marketing also accompanies the launch of Microsoft Social Listening and Social Insights, powered by InsideView. Both are now available in Dynamics CRM at no additional cost and can be used by anyone with a professional license*. This type of affordable, democratized social insight is set to change the game for our customers, and we’ve only just begun.

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