White Paper: Why Go Mobile? Six Strategic Objectives You Can Conquer With Mobile CRM

White Paper: Why Go Mobile?  Six Strategic Objectives You Can Conquer With Mobile CRM

Everyone’s talking about how important it is to implement mobile solutions for your business. But can mobile really make a difference to the bottom line of your business? 

The answer is a resounding YES! We have proof. 

If any of the goals below look familiar, you are in the right place. This white paper was written for you.

  • Increase average sale by 20%.
  • Lower cost of sales by 15%.
  • Reduce billing lag time by 30%.
  • Achieve 90% key field completion in customer records.
  • Increase average number of service calls per week by 15%.
  • Deliver 100% real time data to managers.

In this white paper we will  look at exactly how you can achieve these kinds of strategic goals, with real life examples. The kind of goals that put you ahead of the competition and put money in the bank.

Let’s get started, now. Download the free white paper in PDF or MP3 audio format below.

"Every business is trying to figure out how they can extend their services through mobile solutions. This white paper has lots of examples that are sure to spark “aha” moments."

-Barb Levisay
Contributing Editor, Redmond Channel Magazine

"This paper illustrates the great opportunity business have to impact the bottom line by equipping their “mobile front line”. A must read rooted in real customer examples, it gives tangible tips to get started now."

-Kristin Fleek
Dynamics CRM Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Corp.

Bonus: Audio Version (MP3) Included

Bonus: Audio Version (MP3) Included

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