Improved Customer Relationships with Maximized Field Presence

Improved Customer Relationships with Maximized Field Presence It is said that in-person sale has a 60% better chance of conversion than the online sale. With the world resetting itself post the pandemic, in-person appointments have resumed for good. Through this engaging write-up, let us explore the world of field sales in-depth and refresh some of the facts.

The role of the field sales representatives is extremely challenging. Plotting leads, planning appointments with them, traveling long distances, and being punctual as well as flexible are just some of the points of their everyday routine.

Besides this, the art of client conversion does not come easy. The rep not just has to know his product well but must know how it could be applied for the maximum benefit of the client. The way these benefits are presented, and how a rep tackles ad-hoc queries, and other crux situations with ease also sums up the result of a client meeting! A field sales rep with a goal of client satisfaction in mind succeeds like none other!

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