Drive User Adoption for Microsoft Dynamics 365 using VisualSP

Drive User Adoption for Microsoft Dynamics 365 using VisualSP The Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform plays an important role in an enterprise’s daily workflow. That’s why it makes sense to glean as much value from it as possible. However, the Microsoft 365 landscape is very vast, and the number of applications users must learn can be overwhelming and productivity can suffer as a result. That’s why you need a tool to help your employees overcome challenges and knowledge gaps – a tool that will provide the information they need to do their jobs exactly when and where they need it. This includes giving them the boost they need to get started when they frst open Dynamics 365 as well as providing alerts and notifcations along the way to increase their productivity. This white paper demonstrates the type of Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) you need to support your Dynamics 365 users in context of their environment and within the flow of their work. The result: increase user adoption by 3X and reduction of support tickets by 50%.

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