24 Wildly Creative Ways Companies Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Drive Revenue and Serve Customers

24 Wildly Creative Ways Companies Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Drive Revenue and Serve Customers

Do you think that CRM is only for managing contact information, just a high powered Rolodex? Are you looking for more innovative ways to get value from your current CRM system?

This white paper will open your eyes to 24 wildly creative ways real companies are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to drive revenue and serve customers.  Any one of these ideas may work for your business, non-profit or agency. 

The 24 examples in this white paper are real — gathered from partners working with all types of businesses to help them get the most from their CRM software. Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to do the heavy lifting, organizations are automating tasks and simplifying operations in every facet of their businesses - everything from scheduling jet ski rentals to organizing large scale events to…well, you’ll see.  That’s why we wrote this report.

"The content is accurate, examples realistic and readily achievable using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In fact I really like it, a great idea and a breath of fresh air from the usual white paper format."

- Peter Elgar

"We are continually hearing about new, unexpected ways that companies are creating value for their customers and employees with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Those organizations who are ready to catch up with industry leaders will find inspiration in this white paper."

- Barb Levisay
Contributing Editor, Redmond Channel Partner Magazine

Bonus: Audio Version (MP3) Included

Bonus: Audio Version (MP3) Included

We invite you to download this practical yet easy to read white paper to find inspiration for your own business.

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