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Creating PDF Quotes in Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 has had a lot of great functionality added within the last few months. So, Microsoft has a whole site dedicated to documentation. I would recommend that you review this site to assist you with Dynamics 365. The reason for mentioning this site is that buried in there is a great little nugget of […]

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CRM Word Templates > Merge two secondary documents into a primary document

Consider having Word template for the Order Entity, and you wish to insert / merge it with a Word Template for Quote and for Opportunity, to generate one document from these three entities. This feature is now available as a Workflow step of Dynamics PDF-Docs. Currently, when new document is generated from CRM Word Template […]

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Tool to remove “WordTemplateExportRecordid” text in CRM Word Template

A bug was found about the 14th July 2018 in CRM Online release, and now in release, when using CRM Workflow step Perform Action>SetWordTemplate  to create document from Word Template, and attach the Word Document to a Note. At the end of the Word document there is additional text WordTemplateExportRecordid: followed by one […]

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CRM Word Templates- Grouping Report Data

Information is often easier to understand when it is divided into groups. For example, price quotation that groups products as different options or account statement that groups invoices by month. Grouping highlights the different options we offer and the amount the clients is due to pay for unpaid invoices for each month. In addition, when […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Word Templates – Create, Generate, and PDF

CRM Word Templates are documents created once, with attributes / fields from CRM entities and related entities, to generate Word documents and reports using the CRM function “Word Template” in the user interface of a record. If you have never created Dynamics CRM Word templates before, you can download these free word templates for Invoice, […]

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On Click to PDF Word Template and Attach to Email

You have a well-designed CRM Word-Templates for Invoices, Price Quotations or Contracts, and you now wish to Email the generated document from the Word-Template, as PDF file attached to an Email to a client. If you don’t have Dynamics PDF-Docs, this is a process that can take you considerable time, especially if you are generating […]

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It’s time to integrate Dynamics CRM and SharePoint

Since CRM Word Templates was introduced in CRM 2016, more CRM users are now generating documents with CRM than ever. Documents generation in CRM is a one click function. Together with Dynamics PDF-Docs, the document is PDF, attached to the record’s Notes, and to Email as an attachment, a process that saves user’s time and […]

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Dynamics CRM Word Templates, issue with HTML fields

Although Dynamics PDF-Docs (for CRM Word Templates), is the most popular add-on to CRM, to PDF Word Templates and attach them to Emails, we are sometimes asked about features not available with CRM Word Templates, and are available with Dynamics Docs. Here is another feature you may need when creating templates to merge fields from […]

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How to overcome CRM “Word Templates” missing features.

Dynamics PDF-Docs is one of the most popular add on for Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365,  featuring  one click function to PDF CRM Word Template, attach them to Emails, and Notes, from the user interface, and with CRM workflow, and upload documents to SharePoint. With such popularity. It just makes sense that when users find […]

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Hide / Display Text in CRM “Word Templates”

Hide / Display text in CRM “Word Templates” Microsoft introduced the CRM Word Templates feature, in Dynamics CRM version 2016. Using Word Templates, users can insert fields from CRM records in a Word document. The feature stops here. With Dynamics PDF-Docs (click here to download trial version) users can, in one click, PDF the generated […]

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