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Preact Limited's Logo Demonstrating Dynamics 365 Web Portals

Self-service Dynamics 365 web portals extends CRM reach enabling customers to log issues, find solutions and update information online. Each web portal is housed, maintained and integrated with D365. Entitlement to […]

Axonom's Logo Microsoft Dynamics CRM Provides Maximum Sales Visibility for High-Tech Manufacturers

In a fast-paced competitive market, companies that can achieve widespread market penetration with their product can gain a significant advantage over the competition. To achieve that widespread penetration with its […]

Affiliated Resource Group's Logo Provide Better And More Cost Effective Customer Service With eService Accelerator

Time is money! This old axiom is well known in the business world and has always remained a core truth. Every time one of your customer service representatives picks up the phone and says, “How may I help you”, money is spent. It may be the 10 minutes on the phone collecting and documenting the issue(s) or answering simple questions or even documenting the answers for future use. The net result is that every time the phone rings your company spends money.


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