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BroadPoint, Inc.'s Logo Dynamics CRM Addresses Three Key Hurdles for Professional Services Firms

Successful professional services organizations have many things in common, regardless of what type of service they deliver.  They offer consulting experience, industry-specific expertise, and project insight and guidance that clients […]

BroadPoint, Inc.'s Logo Microsoft Dynamics CRM as Early Warning System: Improve Customer Service With the Social Networking Power of Dynamics CRM

You’ve heard the stories.  An irate or unsatisfied customer tweets about their experience with a company or product.  The story is re-tweeted and more join in while the target company […]

BroadPoint, Inc.'s Logo Field Trip: Supporting Field Sales Success With Dynamics CRM

Today’s business buyers expect the sales person sitting across the desk to be able to access information about their account immediately.  Are your sales reps able to deliver? A few […]

BroadPoint, Inc.'s Logo Professional Associations Build Event Success With Dynamics CRM

In the best of times Professional and Trade Associations have to plan and hold events that deliver real value to their members.  To justify the investment of time and money, […]

BroadPoint, Inc.'s Logo CRM Success: How To Motivate The Sales Team To Use CRM

The sales team is incorrigible!   What’s the use of implementing CRM for sales force automation if the sales team will never use it?  Sound familiar?  Sales people are different - […]


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