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Dynamics CRM. Check. In the Cloud. Check. Save Lots of $$$. Check

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has created a significant buzz throughout the industry.  Organizations of all sizes and from all different industries have seen the benefits it can offer and are now taking advantage of the extensive built-in functionality to address their sales, marketing, membership, and service requirements. But there is still time for your organization take […]

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CRM for Associations: A New Era in Member Engagement and Revenue Generation

Associations of all sizes are struggling to find new revenue streams and better connect with their members. In fact, many associations are looking beyond the traditional AMS (Association Membership Management) systems for sales, marketing, and service management and in favor of a “CRM for Associations” solution to centralize their marketing, lead, opportunity, and service management […]

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Dynamics CRM Fits the Bill for Productivity, Security, and Reliability

Companies investing in CRM solutions should focus on the tangible benefits they receive such as improved user productivity, enhanced customer service delivery, and integrations to current systems. In their research, organizations must determine which CRM providers are contenders and which are pretenders in order to find the solution that best fits their requirements.  Benefits for […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 vs. Let the Punches Fly

Regardless of what industries you serve, CRM systems are front and  center in helping your sales, marketing, customer support, and membership  departments excel in their jobs.  It’s no  longer enough just to communicate TO your clients and prospects.  You must now engage WITH them to not only  begin the conversation but to also continue it.   […]

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Hot New Feature of Dynamics CRM 2011: Role-based Forms

One of the new features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 that you will want to take advantage of is Role Based Forms.  Prior to Dynamics CRM 2011, it required a customization to hide fields based on a user’s security role.  Now this functionality is provided out of the box allowing you to have different forms […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM: The Environmentally-Friendly Application

When people think of CRM systems, the first thoughts that usually pop into their minds might revolve around customer relationships, cost savings, or technological capabilities.  However, there is another benefit that is often overlooked, and that involves caring for the environment.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM preserves one of nature’s most precious commodities: trees.  It does so […]

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xRM: Your Guidebook to Finding the Right CRM Solution

Figuring out whether to purchase or build from scratch an enterprise business application is a decision that many companies have faced. Thankfully, that decision has been made easier with the introduction of the Microsoft xRM application platform. With the xRm application platform, your company will now get to enjoy the best of both options. When […]

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Dynamics CRM: Bringing the Cloud to You

In order for the mass transition to cloud computing to occur, it’s imperative that CIO’s get comfortable with the security surrounding this new form of IT. After learning about the security safeguards in place, CIO’s won’t be as apprehensive when starting the transition from the traditional client/server model to the cloud. All you need to […]

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Interested in $200 Cash? Check out Cloud CRM for Less

Everyone knows that there is stiff competition between Microsoft,, and Oracle over acquiring new customers in the CRM space. In fact, Microsoft has taken the competition to a new level by offering $200 for each user that makes the switch to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Microsoft is positioning itself to become the dominant player […]

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Agile Thoughts for the Dynamic CRM Implementation

Working for a business that implements a brisk volume of accounting and CRM systems, it’s clear that there are significant differences in how these systems are developed and rolled out. These differences are seen throughout the entire implementation process from design and development to go-live. Understanding how they differ may provide insight on the best […]

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