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xRM³'s Logo 4 Critical Success Factors for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Congratulations! You’ve made a wise decision and gone live with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The CRM has been deployed and everyone has been trained. The system is working and now you […]

BroadPoint, Inc.'s Logo CRM Integration: 4 Ways to Make an Impact

The buzz surrounding business system integration has grown to a roar. Companies of all sizes and from every industry are looking for ways to bring their data together and take […]

BroadPoint, Inc.'s Logo 2 Keys to Optimizing CRM for Your Organization

When implementing a new CRM system, the same questions always seem to arise. First and foremost clients want to know: “What type of staffing resources do I need to manage […]

BroadPoint, Inc.'s Logo The Best of Microsoft Convergence 2013…From the Convenience of Your Office

Microsoft Convergence is THE premier event held annually for Microsoft Dynamics users and partners. Over 10,000 people are attending from all over the world and the critical mass of this […]

BroadPoint, Inc.'s Logo Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Data Security in a Virtual World

Data security is an important element of CRM deployments that is often overlooked. However, it is important to discuss this as it offers numerous benefits to the client such as […]

BroadPoint, Inc.'s Logo 4 Reasons Why CRM Implementations Can (But Shouldn’t) Fail

In working with hundreds of our clients over the years, we have learned many lessons related to implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM. One of the most crucial elements to successfully deploying […]

BroadPoint, Inc.'s Logo Event Managers: Hit a Home Run with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

One of the most important skills an Event Manager must possess is organization. However, organization alone is not enough in the rapid business environment we all live in. In addition, having […]

BroadPoint, Inc.'s Logo How Microsoft Dynamics CRM Can Add Sizzle to Events Management for Associations

One of the key revenue generators for associations of all sizes is events.  Yet Event Managers continue to struggle to find effective ways to manage all event activities in a […]

BroadPoint, Inc.'s Logo How Microsoft Dynamics CRM Helps Improve Member Engagement

Is your organization feeling squeezed as you look for association management solutions that fit your unique requirements? Most Association Management Systems (AMS) have either too much or too little functionality […]

BroadPoint, Inc.'s Logo xRM: Extending the Scope of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Before delving into the details of xRM and how to put it to work for your organization, it’s important for establish a common definition. According to Wikipedia, xRM is a […]


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