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CRM Integration: 4 Ways to Make an Impact

The buzz surrounding business system integration has grown to a roar. Companies of all sizes and from every industry are looking for ways to bring their data together and take advantage of the many benefits that integrated data systems can offer. Here are just a few ways CRM can be integrated across your organization: ERP/Financial […]

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Dynamics CRM Addresses Three Key Hurdles for Professional Services Firms

Successful professional services organizations have many things in common, regardless of what type of service they deliver.  They offer consulting experience, industry-specific expertise, and project insight and guidance that clients can’t wrap up and take back to their office.  However, inherent in these are challenges that are ever-present regardless of project size or scope.  To […]

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How to Align Dynamics CRM with Your Sales Team

In speaking with many clients and prospects, we often find that their CRM system does not support their internal sales process or, in essence, their sales team.  This can be caused by a number of reasons, including the system being too difficult to understand and/or complex to use.  Another challenge for sales teams is the […]

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