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CRM Integration: 4 Ways to Make an Impact

The buzz surrounding business system integration has grown to a roar. Companies of all sizes and from every industry are looking for ways to bring their data together and take advantage of the many benefits that integrated data systems can offer. Here are just a few ways CRM can be integrated across your organization: ERP/Financial […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Data Security in a Virtual World

Data security is an important element of CRM deployments that is often overlooked. However, it is important to discuss this as it offers numerous benefits to the client such as accelerated user adoption and improved business process design. Stay focused as you develop your CRM implementation plan since it is easy to get confused when […]

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4 Reasons Why CRM Implementations Can (But Shouldn’t) Fail

In working with hundreds of our clients over the years, we have learned many lessons related to implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM. One of the most crucial elements to successfully deploying and using a new CRM system is making sure that the system supports your organization’s specific sales processes. We have heard many horror stories about […]

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Event Managers: Hit a Home Run with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

One of the most important skills an Event Manager must possess is organization. However, organization alone is not enough in the rapid business environment we all live in. In addition, having the right resources in place can make a world of difference. One such resource is an event management system.  Whether planning a local breakfast event […]

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How Microsoft Dynamics CRM Can Add Sizzle to Events Management for Associations

One of the key revenue generators for associations of all sizes is events.  Yet Event Managers continue to struggle to find effective ways to manage all event activities in a single system, track registration pricing for both early bird and regular sign-ups, and integrate all member and event payment information.  However, many of our clients […]

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How Microsoft Dynamics CRM Helps Improve Member Engagement

Is your organization feeling squeezed as you look for association management solutions that fit your unique requirements? Most Association Management Systems (AMS) have either too much or too little functionality requiring extensive customization or lacking the flexibility to meet an association's specific needs. BroadPoint Technologies recently presented an informational webinar to discuss how associations are […]

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