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3 Steps to Accurate and Insightful Sales Forecasting Using Dynamics 365/CRM

Accurate sales forecasting is essential to growing revenue and managing your business effectively. When you know the timing and amount of incoming revenue, you can plan and focus on the right business initiatives; budget and allocate resources appropriately; set organizational goals; and provide teams with priorities and guidelines for how they spend their time. Forecasting […]

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35 Examples How Dynamics CRM Benefits Sales Teams

Achieving Growth Targets 1. Goal Management Sales teams need to know how they’re performing in comparison to their sales goals. Are they on track? If not, how much is the shortfall? Microsoft Dynamics CRM benchmarks performances against key sales performance indicators to inform sales directors, managers and other sales professionals with easy to follow charts […]

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Use CRM to Increase Response Rates, Sales, and Revenue – 5 Easy Steps

I’m not a marketing professional, but as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM specialist I read broadly about CRM  solutions and Microsoft Dynamics CRM in particular.  As a tech guy, I love data – as in measurable facts and figures.  One thing I’m hearing from our CRM clients is that CRM can really increase the response rates you […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Sales

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has the ability to improve sales productivity by streamlining your sales process and empowering your sales team with fast access to useful data. Manage Work More Easily • Manage customer e-mail, appointments, tasks, and contacts from a single business application • Quick user adoption, working in CRM is a natural extension of […]

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