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Inogic's Logo Bid goodbye to errors – Now Undo & Restore changes in Dynamics 365 CRM records with just a single click!

Let’s face it – there is always some kind of inaccuracies in Dynamics 365 CRM data due to human mistakes. It can be typos, spelling mistakes, entering data into the […]

Inogic's Logo Do Clicks Matter to Your Business? Switch to 1 Click Apps to Clone, Export & Undo for Increased Dynamics 365 CRM Productivity!

How can you improve your Dynamics 365 CRM productivity? In the end it all comes down to how quickly and effortlessly you can complete the daily mundane tasks. This is […]

Inogic's Logo 1 Click to Undo changes in Dynamics 365 CRM – Restore changes done last, in past and multiple records too!

After 1 Click to Clone, 1 Click to Export we are quite excited to announce release of our another star-studded addition to our suite of productivity apps – Click2Undo. As […]


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