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Why Sales Definitions Are a Best Practice for Great Sales Teams

What I call an Opportunity you call a Lead. What I call ‘upside’ someone else calls ‘working set’. For a sales team to be successful, and for a sales manager to have accurate reports, sales terms need to be clearly defined so everyone is speaking a common language. Let's say I'm a sales leader who […]

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35 Examples How Dynamics CRM Benefits Sales Teams

Achieving Growth Targets 1. Goal Management Sales teams need to know how they’re performing in comparison to their sales goals. Are they on track? If not, how much is the shortfall? Microsoft Dynamics CRM benchmarks performances against key sales performance indicators to inform sales directors, managers and other sales professionals with easy to follow charts […]

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Tips for Getting Marketing & Sales Organized with CRM

Do you know when the next marketing campaign is going out or when your sales representatives are meeting with your best customers?  If you rely on weekly update meetings or emails from your teams to learn what is going on between marketing and sales, then it may be time to give your business solutions a […]

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