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Who Will Be Your Company’s CRM Guru?

When acquiring a CRM system, as with any change management, it is important that your organization select someone to lead the project and facilitate adjustments (and compliance) across all levels of operation. We affectionately like to refer to this leader as your organization’s CRM Guru – a key figure who is essential to successfully transitioning […]

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4 Tips to Strengthen Your CRM Communication Plan

CRM implementations and upgrades can be an exciting but sometimes challenging time within an organization. Change simply isn’t likely an easy pill to swallow for some within your business, so communicating those CRM changes should be transparent and tactful. Sharing this information with your company is central to the Change Management process that commonly takes […]

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Finding Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVPs for a Winning Opening Day all the Way to the World Series!

It’s hard to believe that baseball spring training is already coming to an end and opening day of the regular season is only a few days away! Our beloved Detroit Tigers' opening game is against the Boston Red Sox on Thursday, April 5th. We’re expecting a fantastic season opener and predict the Tigers will take […]

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