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iCepts Technology Group, Inc.'s Logo How CRM with Outlook Can Boost Efficiency

Modern business technologies today are designed and fitted with the capabilities for multiple systems to work together. Technology advances have made it possible for business applications to work together with […]

TSG's Logo With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, The ‘C’ In CRM Stands For.... Cat Relationship Management??!!!

Traditionally the ‘C’ in ‘CRM’ stands for Customer. But CRM applications, and in particular Microsoft Dynamics CRM, have evolved in to much more than applications that just manage customers. That’s why the term ‘xRM’ or ‘Anything Relationship Management’ is a better description of what Microsoft Dynamics CRM does.

TSG's Logo Should Small Businesses Choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a Hosted or On-Premise Solution?

How to choose between Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a hosted or on-premise solution is a question commonly asked by small businesses. Whether you choose to deploy Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premise or go with a hosted option depends on your business requirements: your aims, objectives, resources, and what you need from your CRM solution.


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