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Alfapeople's Logo CRM Benefits for Small & Mid-Size Companies

A successful business is the product of a hard working team that excels in customer service, making customers come back or never want to leave. Corporate history is full with […]

Catapult's Logo Keep it Simple with CRM to Increase Adoption and Improve Data Quality

Many organizations recognize the value of customer relationship management (CRM) software and understand, at a high-level, the benefits it can bring to an organization. Besides basic contact management functions, modern […]

Ledgeview Partners 's Logo A CRM Simplistic Approach - Relative Accuracy

When measuring something, "accuracy" means the difference between a measurement taken by some sort of measuring device and what the actual value is. The “Relative Accuracy” can then be expressed […]

Ledgeview Partners 's Logo Another Simple Example of Why I Like Microsoft Dynamics CRM

As I’ve blogged in the past, one of the things I like most about my job is that each customer discussion is a wonderful opportunity to learn something new about […]


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