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Data Migration and Integration Paramount to Successful CRM Deployment

One of the primary goals of a well-designed and implemented Customer Relationship Management (CRM) deployment is for an organization to better understand and serve their clients’ needs resulting in increased loyalty and business development. To meet this goal, accurate, timely and pertinent information is crucial. One of the most critical aspects of a CRM implementation […]

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Redeploying Scribe Server ODBC Connections for Microsoft CRM Integrations

The following is a quick way to redeploy Scribe ODBC data connections from one scribe server to another. This is particularly helpful when you want to move scribe and/or DTS from a test/development deployment to a production deployment. 1.) You need to click on start run and type “regedit” on the server from which you […]

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Switching from to Microsoft CRM Just Got Easier

There are many compelling reasons for users to switch to Microsoft Dynamics CRM – an easy, intuitive, and familiar look and feel, better integration with Microsoft Outlook, and greater flexibility right out of the box. Plus, though June 30th, Microsoft has lowered the per user monthly price from $44 for the first year to$34 […]

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The Best Option For Integrating and Migrating Data for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

For data migration and integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the tool of choice is most likely going to be Scribe Software’s Insight product.  For those of you who are familiar with the tool, you know it is very powerful because its CRM Adapter does everything for you in terms of keeping data integrity in the CRM database. In […]

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