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If Oprah Can Walk on Hot Coals, You Can Unleash the Giant Within your company- Can your company survive tough times?

I watched Tony Robbins on PierS Morgan several months ago. Tony Robbins was the guest and spoke on the topic of taking control of your life even when experiencing traumatic life events.  Tony spoke with a young man that was shot in a high school shooting and is now paralyzed. This student has emerged and now plans to help […]

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3 Insider Tips for Using CRM To Increase Company Revenue

We now have tools  that make the sales processes I have used for the past 20 years so much simpler. In my first post I discussed the background, and now I want to share 3 simple ways you can use CRM software to increase your company's revenue. 1) Activities- Define the important high value activities for your […]

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What I Could Have Done If I Had CRM Software 20 Years Ago

When I started my career in sales for Xerox over 20 year ago, the main reason for my success was having a high level of activity.  I wish I had the tools then that I have now. So I want to share some insider tips. But first some background on the techniques:   Face to Face Cold […]

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