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Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs. Salesforce – 5 Reasons Why Dynamics is the Better Value

If it takes the average person 10 minutes to decide whether or not to buy a shirt (Skipton Building Society), then how long does it take the average business to pick out a CRM solution? While most CRM solutions provide standard functionality like opportunity and campaign management, there's lots to consider when it comes down to […]

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7 Reasons Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM Beats Salesforce – 2015 Market Leader Awards

In case you missed it, Microsoft Dynamics CRM took the “Winner” position in four major categories of the 2015 CRM Magazine Market Leader Awards. Microsoft unseated and was recognized the leader in the following categories: Enterprise CRM Suite Midmarket CRM Suite Small Business CRM Suite Sales Force Automation   Ratings from industry analysts are […]

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A How-To Comparison Video: Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs Salesforce

You know that you are ready for CRM and that super-fun research stage is upon you, so you head over to your favorite search engine to see what you can find out. Since you are checking out this blog, hopefully you are past the stage of just typing “CRM” into Google and being overwhelmed by […]

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Microsoft Pays and Oracle Customers to Give Microsoft Dynamic CRM Online a Try

Microsoft announced its “Cloud CRM for less” offer to encourage users to make the switch to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and receive “the Power of Productivity”. This offer invites current and Oracle customers to earn up to $200 for each user that moves to CRM Online now through June 30, 2011. Here are a […]

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