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Beringer Technology Group's Logo Salesforce vs. Dynamics 365: Sales Reporting and its Limitations

    Reporting and sales process defining are key elements to measuring success and identifying trends for sales strategy. There are a few limitations that are revealed in comparing Salesforce […]

Beringer Technology Group's Logo Your first Dynamics 365 consultation - make the most of it!

  Busy is an understatement! That spreadsheet that you have been using just isn’t cutting it, or – that software you purchased to help you keep track of clients and […]

Empellor CRM's Logo Understanding Your Business Process

It’s simple. For a business system implementation to succeed, the focus (from the start!) must be on how the system supports, integrates with and enhances an organization’s business processes. This […]

InfoGrow Corp's Logo Sales Process Mapping – Key to a Successful New Year?

I often see businesses run out to purchase a CRM system with the expectation that the system will provide them with “Best Practices” for their sales team.  Although a good […]

InterDyn BMI's Logo Use a Better Solution to Connect Sales People to Customers

Sales professionals often employ different methods to manage their own leads and customer data, such as hand-crafted spreadsheets or specialty software.  However, with these different methods in place, it becomes […]

P2 Automation, LLC's Logo Your Turnkey Sales Management Solution

What’s the number one question every company wants the answer to?  How do we increase sales?  With the right technology, you can turn your business into an effective, dynamic, turnkey […]

OTT, Inc. 's Logo How to Implement a Successful Sales Process with CRM

A sales process is a structured methodology and process to help move a prospective customer through to a sale. Generally a sales process will be customized for your specific business […]


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