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Tracking Outbound Sales Activity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Having better insight into your business relationships is a key objective in implementing any CRM system.  Being able to quickly review the account and see who else at your company has been working with them is imperative.  It’s also one of the most challenging things to accomplish.  After all, you are relying on the users of the […]

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Sales Pipeline: You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure

That old management adage rings especially true when it comes to managing sales pipeline.  We see it all the time but it still amazes me how some companies don’t have a unified process for tracking, measuring, and forecasting business opportunity.  First off, I’m talking about companies with sales people governed by at least one level […]

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CRM And Sales Force Automation: It’s A Marriage That Starts With A Sales Strategy.

Through the years I’ve come to appreciate the tremendous impact CRM technology can have on sales operations, but most importantly on the organization as a whole.  No matter what your business or industry - you are selling the value your organization brings to the markets you serve.  How effectively you do this will directly impact your bottom line.  […]

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