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Updating Your Sales Operations, Upgrading Your Business, With Dynamics CRM

Are you running your sales operation with yesterday's technology or no technology? You might be if your customer-and-prospect database is nothing more than a hodgepodge of business cards, scattered notes (some on napkins), an overloaded Outlook Inbox, and an untrusted mismanaged data-base management system. If you cannot easily find your contact information, appointments, up-to-date sales-team […]

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Demonstration: Go Mobile with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 for Tablets

For those of you who do a lot of work outside the office, particularly if you’re in sales, it’s extremely important that you’re able to stay connected with the office and access the data you need while on the go.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 makes this easier than ever with its new tablet app. Watch […]

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Improved Dynamics CRM Online for iPad Functionality Helps Salespeople Work on the Go

Many companies today are embracing the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend.  As a result more and more workers, especially sales people, and others who travel a great deal are using tablets to get the job done.  And we all know the Apple iPad is the most popular tablet on the market.  But not all […]

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What’s in Store for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Users?

One of the biggest struggles for companies when implementing a CRM solution is defining the sales and/or marketing processes so that everyone is on the same page. Not many companies have a process in place, and implementation of CRM usually makes them take the step to identify and streamline. Microsoft Dynamics® CRM used to focus […]

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Convert Internet Leads Quickly with Microsoft CRM

As we all know, internet searches are growing by leaps and bounds. There are 3 billion searches conducted per day, and the number has steadily doubled every 2 years. Simply put, people are searching!  While the majority of searches are not business related, many are. In fact, 78% of all products purchased today were researched […]

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Targeted Marketing with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

What’s better than a marketing campaign with all the bells and whistles?  A marketing campaign with all the bells and whistles that’s targeted to a segmented audience who actually wants to hear what you have to say.  No, it’s not a tall order, it’s exactly what Microsoft Dynamics® CRM can provide – a sharp, effective, […]

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How to Increase Your Company’s Selling Power

Do you wish you could hire more salespeople, but can't afford it? How about giving the salespeople you have the tools that will make their jobs a little easier? One such tool that can help with this is a customer relationship management system, in particular Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Its wide array of capabilities allows your […]

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The Economy is Coming Back; Make Sure Your CRM Software is Ready

As our economy pulls out of its long recession, businesses are looking at their IT setup and finding that their systems are old and out of date. In particular, CRM software has suffered as companies have spent the past few years trying to make older systems work rather than upgrade. That thinking may have made […]

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4 Keys to Aligning CRM with Your Sales Process

Does your CRM system support your sales process?  Surprisingly often, the answer is “no”. CRM systems frequently fail because they are too difficult or too complex to use.  They don’t provide enough value to the sales staff for the effort it takes to use them. Required fields and sales stages don’t match the process that […]

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CRM Helps Improve Processes for Manufacturers and Wholesale Distribution Companies

I was reading through RSM’s latest Manufacturers and Wholesale Distribution (MWD) National Survey and one of the questions really intrigued me.  We asked companies what processes they were looking to improve in 2010.  The top five responses were Supplier Relationship Management (76%), Customer Relationship Management (64%), Manufacturing Flow (53%), Order Fulfillment (51%), and Customer Service […]

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