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Why Your Sales Reps Should Be Required to Track Upside Revenue

Upside revenue indicates opportunities that are advanced in the sales process, but you're not committing them to close within the current quarter. A shortsighted sales organization will only require sales reps to forecast, and track, current opportunities, scheduled to close in the current quarter. Not that are equal to the amount of the sales rep’s […]

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Top 4 Signs Your Business Needs Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Office 365

Ask business owners what their most important asset is and I’d be willing to bet the same answer would come up over and over—“Our customers.”  But, do you know your customers as well as you’d like?  If the answer is anything other than a resounding “YES!” chances are there’s room for improvement and technology may […]

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You Can’t Manage Your Sales Pipeline if You Don’t Measure It

You will rarely hear a company say that measuring sales pipeline and accurate business forecasting isn’t important.  In spite of this, so many companies still don’t have a unified process for tracking, measuring, and forecasting business opportunity.    More importantly, they don’t have the necessary sales culture to support it.   If sales performance isn’t defined […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Your “Winning Formula” for Sales Success!

  “It isn’t hard to be good from time to time…. What’s tough is being good every day.”-  Willie Mays CRM can be more than just a Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service tool. Microsoft Dynamics CRM has the ability to enable your VP of Sales or Sales Manager to customize and automate the software to your […]

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The Keys to a Successful Sales Funnel: Keeping Opportunities Flowing

When are salespeople at their best? When are they best able to close deals, maximize gross profit on sales, and grow their territory’s revenue? When answering these questions, think of how much better your salespeople perform when they have too much to handle. Think of how well they respond when there are far too many […]

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Sales Pipeline: You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure

That old management adage rings especially true when it comes to managing sales pipeline.  We see it all the time but it still amazes me how some companies don’t have a unified process for tracking, measuring, and forecasting business opportunity.  First off, I’m talking about companies with sales people governed by at least one level […]

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