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Light at the end of the funnel: managing remotely, managing by proposal

The CRM is a sales manager’s “eyes upon the world.” Every lead your team is working, every opportunity in the pipeline, every task and activity can be seen, and acted upon. Whether they’re working remotely, as most every sales rep is doing in these trying times, or on-site. New to managing remotely? Here’s where you […]

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Les 3 nouvelles fonctionnalités de Microsoft Dynamics 365 que nous attendions le plus

Microsoft a récemment rendu disponible sa dernière mise à jour pour Microsoft Dynamics 365, laquelle ajoute plusieurs nouvelles fonctionnalités et améliorations à celles déjà existantes. De nouvelles applications sont également maintenant disponibles pour amener vos affaires toujours plus loin. Nous avons récemment écrit au sujet de Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent, une application spécifiquement conçue […]

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3 New Microsoft Dynamics 365 Features We’re Excited About

Microsoft has recently made available its latest update for Microsoft Dynamics 365, which comes with a host of new features and enhancements. Many improvements and functionalities have been added to existing features, while new applications have also been made available to take your business even further. While we’ve recently written about Microsoft Dynamics 365 for […]

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Productivity platform? It’s not enough!

Simply put, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a business productivity platform where everything crucial to developing, improving, and retaining your customer relationships is stored.*  That is why Microsoft offers tailored solutions for sales, marketing, and customer service. While the technology is great, it does not guarantee success. Having a solid team of contributors, and streamlined internal […]

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CRM-driven Sales Methodologies

A sales process could be defined as a series of systematic, measurable steps marking out the path and the interactions with prospects throughout the sales cycle. An efficient sales process is the key to success for a sales team. When a sales process is heavily used by the team, it can be improved by including […]

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Dynamics CRM Performance: Nothing is Gained by Running

A CRM project is a strategic initiative whose many impacts will benefit the entire organization. An analysis by Mark Ellwood, from Pace Productivity, reveals that sales professionals generally spend less than a quarter of their time on their sales activities since they are too busy with administrative tasks, meetings, order processing and other activities. A […]

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How Dynamics CRM Solves The Sales Manager’s Pains

Most sales team managers are very busy people weighed down by major responsibilities, including the company’s success. That’s why many of them decide to use a cost-effective CRM tool! Most sales team managers are very busy people weighed down by major responsibilities, including the company’s success. That’s why many of them decide to use a cost-effective CRM tool!

Those sales team managers must make sure that sales efforts are optimally allocated. They know that a lack of organization on their sales team will spell a lower bottom line for their company.

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Pourquoi vous devriez intégrer votre système financier à Microsoft Dynamics CRM: du point de vue d’un directeur de ventes

Certains rapports financiers peuvent aider les directeurs de ventes à avoir une vision claire de la situation actuelle de leurs clients. Ces rapports deviennent importants quand il est temps d’évaluer le portefeuille des clients de votre entreprise, puisqu’ils dressent un tableau complet de votre clientèle. Ces rapports incluent : Le volume de ventes : cumul annuel à […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Demo: An Easy, On Demand Way to Try Before You Buy

Are you just beginning the process of researching CRM solutions for your business?  Are you not quite ready to reach out to vendors to request a formal demo or start a free trial?  If so, you’ll be excited to know that Microsoft now offers something called the Dynamics CRM test drive.  Find it here. This […]

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Get the Most Out of Your Sales Pipeline

Sales managers often neglect their sales pipeline by not effectively managing it or using it to its full potential. The end result of this is that revenues decline. An article, "How Small Changes in Pipeline Management Make Big Changes in Top Line Revenues", By Chuck Schaeffer, provides some valuable ways to optimize  and manage your […]

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