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The Keys to a Successful Sales Funnel: Keeping Opportunities Flowing

When are salespeople at their best? When are they best able to close deals, maximize gross profit on sales, and grow their territory’s revenue? When answering these questions, think of how much better your salespeople perform when they have too much to handle. Think of how well they respond when there are far too many […]

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Improve Sales Results with Better Forecasting and Sales Intelligence in CRM 2011

Sales teams that consistently increase annual revenues to exceed quotas and expand market share spend more time on client-facing communications and selling activities rather than organizing and searching for data or manually calculating forecasting figures for potential deals. This summer, Peter Ostrow of Aberdeen released a new report entitled “Chance Favors the Prepared Mind – […]

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Sales Pipeline: You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure

That old management adage rings especially true when it comes to managing sales pipeline.  We see it all the time but it still amazes me how some companies don’t have a unified process for tracking, measuring, and forecasting business opportunity.  First off, I’m talking about companies with sales people governed by at least one level […]

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