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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Scores 2 Leadership Positions in Gartner’s SFA Magic Quadrant

Both Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Premise and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online earned coveted spots in the Leaders Quadrant of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation (SFA). Only 3 solutions made it into the Leader Quadrant in Gartner’s August 2016 analysis of the SFA market based on hundreds of interviews with customers and vendors as well […]

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Sales Force Automation a Top Priority? Microsoft Dynamics Should be on Your CRM Short List

Last week, analyst group Gartner released its “2013 Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation” and this year like many previous ones, it has named Microsoft Dynamics CRM a leader in the category.  In case you’re wondering, Gartner defines Sales Force Automation (SFA) as “applications [that] support the automation of sales activities, processes and administrative responsibilities […]

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CRM Software 101: A CRM Primer for the Beginner Buyer

We talk a lot on this blog about the latest and greatest in CRM software. Discussing the nitty gritty improvements in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 or comparing the various qualities of different CRM platforms is all well and good if you're up to speed on things, but if you're just considering a CRM solution, this […]

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Maintain Clean, Consistent CRM Data With A Few Simple Steps

You want your employees in the CRM system every day – using and adding to the information that you have worked so hard to collect and organize.  But the reality is that employees are hurried for time and sometimes take shortcuts to get their work done quickly.  They may fill in required fields with every […]

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Tracking Outbound Sales Activity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Having better insight into your business relationships is a key objective in implementing any CRM system.  Being able to quickly review the account and see who else at your company has been working with them is imperative.  It’s also one of the most challenging things to accomplish.  After all, you are relying on the users of the […]

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10 Reasons CRM Software is the Key to SMB Revenue Control

Customer Relationship Management software has been the rage for over ten years.  Starting with the enterprise, CRM has now been adopted across the entire spectrum of business – including small and medium businesses. For the small and medium business, CRM is a key to revenue control.  Why is this? 1.     Automated Website Lead Capture:  While […]

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CRM Success: How To Motivate The Sales Team To Use CRM

The sales team is incorrigible!   What’s the use of implementing CRM for sales force automation if the sales team will never use it?  Sound familiar?  Sales people are different - there’s no doubt about that - but they are compelled by the same basic human motivations that drive us all.  In our work lives, each […]

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More Helpful Information for Buyers of Sales Force Automation software

Visitors to the CRM Software Blog will find several recent articles regarding identifying the right CRM solution for your business. And rightly so - it’s a very important topic for those looking for a customer relationship management solution. I wanted to share another article on that topic from Kelly McGuire over at It points […]

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