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Getting Started with PowerApps with Dynamics 365

What is PowerApps? PowerApps was first introduced back in 2015, and was meant to address 3 problem areas: Not enough skilled mobile developers. Business data proliferation. IT agility and app sharing. According to Microsoft, PowerApps "is a service that lets you build business apps that run in a browser or on a phone or tablet, […]

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Statistic Shows SaaS-Based CRM Systems Gain Larger Market Share

While cloud computing has gained significant popularity in the media, some may still perceive the term SaaS (software-as-a-service) as little more than a buzzword. While cloud providers have undoubtedly helped to fuel the cloud hype machine as part of their marketing strategies, we now also have plenty of evidence that suggests an increasingly larger segment […]

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Understanding the Growth of Software as a Service (SaaS) for CRM

Some analysts believe that the tough economic conditions have resulted in the growth of the SaaS-based marketing model. This is because SaaS provides companies with a cost-effective option of accessing a software-as-a-service instead of implementing the entire package software. Thus, companies are adopting new technologies such as SaaS-based CRM that can substantially reduce their costs. The […]

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