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Rockton Software's Logo CRM 2011 Lazy Loading of Attributes

Recently, I had been having a CRM issue. I needed to retrieve the CreatedBy attribute for a customer CDH entity, so I could compare it to the current user for […]

Rockton Software's Logo Using Global Variables in a CRM 2011 Plug-In

The CRM 2011 SDK states the following: Note For improved performance, Microsoft Dynamics CRM caches plug-in instances. The plug-in's Execute method should be written to be stateless because the constructor […]

Rockton Software's Logo Why CRM is a Great Platform to Build On

I've been using Dynamics CRM for over five years. I continue to be amazed at what CRM offers our team, here at Rockton Software, in collecting and sharing important information. […]

Rockton Software's Logo CRM Reporting Undocumented Feature Uncovered

Most who live in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM world, like Rockton Software, understand that there has been a large change with the functionality of reporting with CRM 2011 and CRM Online. […]

Rockton Software's Logo My First CRM 2011 Workflow

I recently created my first CRM workflow, and it was so simple that I can’t stop thinking up new ways to use this work and time-saving tool. I love it […]

Rockton Software's Logo Convergence 2013 Booth Illusion

While I was in college, I got a job at a local grocery store. It was a small scale store where everyone was trained to do all of the necessary […]

Rockton Software's Logo Workflows in CRM 2011 are Great, Little Helpers

Workflows aren’t just for process automation. They’re a great tool that you can use to update multiple records at one time. Especially records that one cannot update with the Edit […]

Rockton Software's Logo Tracking in CRM

I’m old enough to remember when every office had a Rolodex, a mimeograph machine, and a typewriter (probably a manual one at that), so I’m very grateful to now be […]

Rockton Software's Logo Leveraging CRM Data on Your Website

We are currently living in the Age of the Customer. Never before in the history of business has customer feedback had the ability to travel as rapidly and be as […]

Rockton Software's Logo Dynamics CRM 2011: Multiple Exchange Rates for Currencies

Having Dynamics CRM 2011 is limited to a single Exchange Rate per currency which leaves a lot of head-scratching for many.  Rarely does a single exchange rate capture the complexities […]


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