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Est-il possible d’économiser en créant vos propres rapports Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Les entreprises qui évaluent Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales nous demandent souvent si les utilisateurs peuvent créer leurs propres rapports. La réponse dépend de 2 facteurs principaux : Le type de rapports dont vous avez besoin; L’expérience pertinente que votre équipe possède. En créant ses propres rapports, une entreprise peut potentiellement économiser des milliers de dollars. Cependant, […]

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Can a Microsoft Dynamics 365 User Save Money by Building Their Own Reports?

Companies evaluating Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales will often ask us, “Can Microsoft Dynamics 365 users build their own reports?” The answer comes down to a couple of factors: What kind of reports do you need? What kind of relevant experience does your team have? By building their own reports, a business could potentially save thousands […]

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CRM 2011’s Enhanced User Experience

Rarely does an application have all of the look and feel that a company requires right out of the box. One thing I like to see from an application is what tool set is required when I need to make modifications to enhance the functionality for my company. Does the application come with the proper […]

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