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How To Deliver Projects On Time On Budget Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Does your company want to deliver projects on time and on budget? Do you use Microsoft Dynamics CRM? AbleBridge’s Project Management tool for Dynamics CRM can help. You’ve made extensive use of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution in your marketing campaigns. Your sales team has also used it extensively in identifying prospects, cultivating leads and […]

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A Simple Way to Track Billable Time in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Not every company wants to use a full project management system to track billable time. Many just want a “quick and dirty”, yet reliable, way to track time within the systems they already use. You can do that in Microsoft Dynamics CRM using the affordable AbleBridge Editable CRM Grid add on tool. Billable Time The […]

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Integrating Project Management Capabilities with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Integrating project management capabilities into your Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation seems like a logical step for any professional services based business. However, managing the service delivery after the sale oftentimes takes a back seat to the upfront sales and marketing activities required to get the customer in the first place.   5 key aspects to […]

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Why is Microsoft Dynamics CRM the Best Platform for a Project Management Tool?

The promise of Microsoft Dynamics CRM goes beyond sales and marketing. It’s a well-knit platform upon which our project management software is built. If you’re in the business of managing projects, consider it as a must-have feature, not a nice-to-have add-on. Recently, it caused a sensation when Kirill Tatarinov, president of Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS), […]

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6 Reasons Why Project Managers Need Microsoft Dynamics CRM

As many construction companies are in the business of managing projects, not relationships, they can sometimes be mistaken in thinking they don’t need a CRM system to help manage their projects. Many people consider CRM to be a sales and marketing tool, used to manage leads and contact lists. However with developments in CRM technology […]

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Advantages of Integrated Project Management Capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

A broad range of organizations need to manage the delivery of their products and services after the initial sale is made; however, most organizations use separate, disjointed systems for this phase in the customer lifecycle and some use no system at all. a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is such a flexible platform that it provides […]

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CRM for the construction industry: a real world example of project management and Microsoft Dynamics CRM working together in Alaska

In my last post, I talked about how the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform provides a foundation for building a software solution that is right for your business. Today I want to elaborate a little on that and provide you with a real life example of how the flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics CRM has helped the […]

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From Project Management to Marketing: How Microsoft Dynamics CRM Can Fit Every Department Across Your Organization

Many people think of Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a customer relationship tool, which it is. But it has been developed in such a way that it is not just an application, but rather a platform. What do I mean by this? Well, consider the house you live in. You have the foundations that support the […]

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What does the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics Accreditation Really Mean for You?

On this blog you will find contributions from Microsoft ISV partners, such as IPM Global and others who have developed add on products to further enhance the features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. As Microsoft CRM has been designed in such a way, it enables independent software companies to build their own products on top of […]

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Integrating Project Management Capabilities into your Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Implementation

I’ve always found it ironic that most CRM systems don’t offer ‘out of the box’ project management capabilities. For a lot of professional services firms, managing service delivery is just as important as managing their sales pipeline. After all, managing the delivery of services once the sales opportunity is won is where the rubber meets […]

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