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How to Simplify the Most Hated Operational Task for all Project Based Organizations

  What is the most hated operational or administrative task that any professional services resource needs to do? Time entry. Some businesses can afford to let it slide, but in a project focused business, accurate time entry is crucial. Let’s be honest, this task will never be loved by the people that need to account […]

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How I Get My Team to Enter Project Time DAILY in Dynamics CRM

I admit that I am the “time police”. It is part of my process and a necessary evil. Even when you make it as simple for them as possible, consultants still don’t like to enter their time. As a manager, I explain to them that I understand this, but it still needs to happen. It […]

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What is the Essential License for Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

The least expensive license type for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the Essential license. But before you start calculating your cost savings you should know that Essential users can not actually log in to Dynamics CRM. Which means very few companies have a reason to use this license type. So what is the Essential license? The […]

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How Fast Can You Email a Client a Project Status Report From Dynamics CRM?

If a client asks me for a project status report, I can send it within 2 minutes. Complete with all project tasks, milestones, percentage of completion and the total time billed against the total time approved. Can your project management system do that? This is only possible because we use templates and checklists in Project […]

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How Microsoft Partners Can Use Checklists to Manage Implementation Projects in Dynamics CRM

Are you consistently following the same methodology for every software implementation project? Does everyone in your company, including new hires, know the exact steps to follow? When steps are missed, do you know where the process failed? We have found that using templates and checklists within Dynamics CRM, using the AbleBridge Project Management add on, […]

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The Benefits of CRM Integrated versus Stand Alone Project Management Software – Part 2

In part one of this post we talked about the limitations of a simple CRM system as well as a dedicated stand-alone project management system for managing project delivery. Now let’s share the good news about the advantage of an integrated solution. Advantages of integrated Project Management solutions How well any Project Management (PM) software […]

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The Benefits of CRM Integrated versus Stand Alone Project Management Software – Part 1

The truth is, CRM systems are limited when it comes to managing sales-related deliverables. Customer relationship management (CRM) software systems are invaluable at doing what the name suggests: managing an organization’s relationship with its customers from the time they become leads to when they make their first purchase to after-sales follow-up and nurturing future sales […]

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Why You Should Stop Exporting Microsoft Dynamics CRM Records into Excel

All the information you need about your customers is in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, so why do you still feel the need to export that information to Excel to use it? Perhaps because you want to: Update a large number of fields or records Sort and group information Perform calculations But exporting Microsoft Dynamics CRM information into Excel […]

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How to Bridge the Disconnect Between Sales and Project Delivery Teams

Sales: “You didn’t meet the deadline”. Service: “You didn’t quote enough hours”. If you run a project-based business, you have likely heard these types of accusations. But if everyone on your team has complete visibility of the project management metrics, you can bridge the disconnect between sales and service. (tweet this) The Challenge For a […]

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What Microsoft CRM’s Position in Magic Quadrant Means for Project Managers

Last month Microsoft Corp. announced that Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been placed in the Leaders quadrant of the Gartner Inc. 2011 Magic Quadrant for CRM Customer Service Contact Centers. By looking at and assessing CRM software, the Magic Quadrant is a research report that places the software into certain categories according to how well suited […]

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