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CongruentX's Logo Platform vs Best of Breed – Is Chasing Unicorns Creating Sales App Spaghetti

How to use Dynamics 365 and the power platform to do more with less Author: Chuck Ingram At Home – Three years ago I thought my cable bill was really getting […]

CongruentX's Logo PowerApps: Why is this a very important element for CRMs?

PowerApps has become the most intelligent approach to increase business efficiency, engage customers, manage projects, or accomplish anything in business. Businesses realize that it is no longer difficult to create software […]

CongruentX's Logo How to Debug Canvas Apps

Debugging a canvas app is one of the most challenging aspects of being an app maker. We spend hours upon hours PERFECTING our app and end users have the AUDACITY […]

CongruentX's Logo Power Apps Contribution to the CRM Applications

Customer relationship management (CRM) is one of the vital operations in any business that help the business to thrive. So, businesses are looking for ways to streamline their processes using […]

CRM Cloud Upgrade's Logo October Dynamics 365 CRM Cloud Reminders including 50% off promo

Our CRM Cloud Upgrade team has three reminders to share for those interested in, or using Dynamics 365 Cloud CRM. The Microsoft promotion for an additional 50% off on Power […]

CRM Cloud Upgrade's Logo Microsoft Power Apps Promo till Oct. 31 2022 for 50 percent off

See below Microsoft Power Apps User Subscriptions are now 50%-off.  As you are aware, Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise (CRM) is the platform of choice for Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service […]

Empellor CRM's Logo Power Apps Plays Crucial Role in Pandemic

I get admittedly jazzed about Power Apps – Microsoft’s suite of apps, services, connectors and data platform. It is truly impressive technology that provides a rapid application development environment. This […]

Strava Technology Group's Logo Microsoft Power Apps Training

                  Microsoft Power Apps Training Microsoft Power Apps training catalog now available from Strava Technology Group. Are you ready for Microsoft Power […]

Strava Technology Group's Logo Power-CRM Version Released

            Power-CRM update is now available. This version upgrade includes 17 bug fixes and 15 new functionality items. Along with version, we are […]

ACE Micro, LLC's Logo On-Demand Microsoft Flow for Dynamics 365 and PowerApps

Why this post? This post is a segment of something I covered during my User Group Summit 2019 session. This session was called "Triple Threat - Microsoft Flow, Dynamics 365, […]


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