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How Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solves a Constant Sales Challenge

"Only 25% of the sales leads and collateral that marketing creates is ever used by sales teams." Peter Strohkorb. If this does not seem like a problem, I do not know what does. In the ever evolving and ultra-competitive world that is business, how can one hope to get ahead if 75% of their team's […]

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Get in the Driver’s Seat with CRM Dashboards

All business decisions need to be based on real-time data to be valid and legitimate. But how can you make important decisions unless the information the data is trying to tell you is presented in a way that sales, marketing and service teams can easily understand? With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Dashboards, your business decision makers […]

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Mobilize Your Sales Staff with Dynamics CRM for Tablets

Whether you are flying across the country or driving to the other side of town, having your customer and sales information with you when you need it is vital to moving opportunities through your pipeline and closing sales.  Your customers are more educated than ever before and they expect you, as the salesperson, to know […]

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Updating Your Sales Operations, Upgrading Your Business, With Dynamics CRM

Are you running your sales operation with yesterday's technology or no technology? You might be if your customer-and-prospect database is nothing more than a hodgepodge of business cards, scattered notes (some on napkins), an overloaded Outlook Inbox, and an untrusted mismanaged data-base management system. If you cannot easily find your contact information, appointments, up-to-date sales-team […]

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5 Characteristics of Top Salespeople

Top-performing salespeople get more sales, cost effectively and in less time than their colleagues do. Top salespeople have five characteristics that set them apart from others. They: Set big goals that are challenging, motivational, achievable, measurable, and specific in terms of results and time. Envisioning their targets, they initiate their sales goals and quotas, rather […]

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Get the Most Out of Your Sales Pipeline

Sales managers often neglect their sales pipeline by not effectively managing it or using it to its full potential. The end result of this is that revenues decline. An article, "How Small Changes in Pipeline Management Make Big Changes in Top Line Revenues", By Chuck Schaeffer, provides some valuable ways to optimize  and manage your […]

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CRM & ERP – Like Peas in a Pod

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution and a customer relationship management (CRM) solution each work very effectively alone.  However, put them together and you can achieve greater insight into your business that you can use to improve customer service while controlling costs.  Here are three benefits to putting two powerhouse solutions together. Improve productivity:  Your […]

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Boost Sales Productivity

You expect a boost in sales productivity when you implement a CRM solution, but achieving it is not an overnight occurrence. It’s common for sales professionals to have tools dumped on them.  The expectation is that the tool will make them more productive and more productivity will result in more sales, meaning more commission.  So […]

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Importance of Lead Management in Dynamics CRM

Too often companies focus primarily on trying to quickly close short-term leads, not taking the time or effort for appropriate sales lead management. Adopting a method for prospect development and lead nurturing throughout the sales process will yield greater dividends than trying to churn through short-term leads. Capitalizing on long-term leads is probably the best […]

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Dynamics CRM Leads SFA Market Both On-Premise and Online

Gartner Research released their annual analysis of sales force automation (SFA) solutions this month, revealing both Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premise and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online holding spots in the “Leaders” area of their Magic Quadrant. For this analysis, Gartner ranks products based on their completeness of vision and their ability to execute on that vision […]

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