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Microsoft Dynamics CRM + Office 365 Power BI

Microsoft Dynamics CRM now has an add-on to SQL Server called Power BI and allows for multiple layered Business Intelligence functions. This functionality allows for map manipulation, CRM data integration, SharePoint integration, mobile functionality and many other features. Read more here......

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Office 365: A Match Made in the Cloud, Updated

A couple of months ago, I wrote a popular blog post entitled, “Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Office 365: A Match Made in the Cloud” which explained a few of the powerful benefits you can achieve when implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM online with Office 365. Since then, we’ve received a couple of questions on this topic […]

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Microsoft Plans to Update Dynamics CRM Online by the End of 2011

Microsoft has confirmed that they plan to have the next version of Dynamics CRM Online ready to launch before the end of the 2011 calendar year. This delivery date commitment was reaffirmed during the Microsoft Dynamics Worldwide Partner Conference on July 12. They expect this updated version to be integrated into Office 365. CRM Online will […]

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