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5 étapes pour automatiser le marketing dans votre entreprise

Il y a eu beaucoup de discussions sur l’automatisation du marketing au cours des dernières années. Avec Microsoft Dynamics Marketing intégré au système Dynamics CRM, les équipes de marketing et de ventes peuvent toutes deux bénéficier de ce puissant outil. Pourquoi alors les entreprises hésitent-elles à mettre en œuvre cette fonctionnalité? Lorsque vous commencez à […]

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5 Steps to Starting a Marketing Automation Practice Within Your Organization

There has been a lot of talk about marketing automation in recent years, and with Microsoft Dynamics Marketing now integrated to the Dynamics CRM system, both the marketing and the sales team can now benefit from this powerful tool. So why are firms hesitant about implementing this feature? When you first start looking at setting […]

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3 Simple Steps to Make Sure Leads Are Tracked Right

Most prospects looking at a product or service will take time evaluating their options. Studies have shown that it will take at least 4 contacts to bring on board a new client, and that in 50% of the cases, the sales process will pause completely before a prospect will ultimately decide to buy. It can […]

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B2B Marketers: Combat the Cheap Email Effect with Triggered Communications

I recently took my son to his first NFL football game. It was a typical game in that 65,000+ rabid football fans were all donning their team color - green in this case. My son mentioned that one of his classmates was at the game and I joked with him and said look around, he's […]

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