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Stoneridge Software's Logo Simplifying Campaigns in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Working with Campaigns can seem like a daunting task to some people; however, Microsoft Dynamics CRM makes working with Marketing Lists and Campaigns very easy to work with. The first […]

Stoneridge Software's Logo Conditional Formatting in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 with Outlook 2010

Did you know that Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrates heavily with Microsoft Office?  It provides you with a powerful set of CRM capabilities right within the familiar Microsoft Outlook client. Conditional […]

Stoneridge Software's Logo Advanced Find: The Most Under-utilized Feature in Dynamics CRM 2011

The Advanced Find feature in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is not used nearly enough.  After talking to CRM prospects, we've found that this feature would be able to solve many of their […]

Stoneridge Software's Logo CRM Online - An Affordable Choice for Non-Profits

During the holiday season, I love going to my mailbox to find cards from friends and family rather than just those pesky bills.   As I sort through my mail, I […]

Stoneridge Software's Logo What is C...R...M?

So I was out with a friend and explaining what I do, I  get a confused look.  What is C…R…M?   Ok, I get it.  Not everyone has lived in the […]

Stoneridge Software's Logo CRM Social Features – Like It!

I’m a Facebook junkie.  I admit it.   It’s a great way to keep connected with my friends and family who are scattered across the country.  It has changed the way […]

Stoneridge Software's Logo What’s Your Sign? How to Find a CRM Solution and Provider That are Compatible With You.

When I pull up the internet, my homepage has a link to my daily horoscope.  I look to the left and then the right to be sure my dogs aren’t watching […]


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