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Put a Smile on Your Face with the CRM 2011 Import Process

Maybe you realize you have some fields that are not currently created in CRM, not to fear, the wizard will allow you to create them right then AND you can create validation for the field using the values in the data you are importing.

Like Adding Color To Tell You The Important Stuff? It’s Now Available In CRM 2011!

To some this may seem like a minor advancement but to those of us that need to know information at a glance, this is a cool tool . Thanks next generation Outlook experience of CRM 2011. We like this one.

Would You Like To Travel Through Time? If So, You Are Going To Love CRM 2011!

in CRM 2011 we have the ability to seemingly go back in time, freeze time, and speed up time with some cool new features.

Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online – A Summary

There has been a lot of buzz generated by the Microsoft marketing machine with the announcement of Microsoft Office 365. Office 365 is the evolution of Microsoft Online Services, aka BPOS, which has more than 40 million users in businesses worldwide. Here is a quick breakdown of the products available in the initial release of Office 365: …

Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online – A Summary Read More »

CRM 2011 and Sharepoint 2010 – A Match Made in Document Management Heaven

With Sharepoint 2010 installed along with a special Sharepoint list part and a few configuration items set in CRM 2011 you can have document folders set up automatically in Sharepoint when you create entities in CRM.

Are You Ready for Your Auditing Software to Be a Standard Feature?

Auditing is the new catchy title CRM 2011 is calling the much needed feature for tracking changes to data in CRM. Configurable from within the CRM interface, it is available on all entities, standard and custom ones. It can also be enabled at the field level.

MS Dynamics CRM – More Than a Sales Force Automation Tool!

Did you know Microsoft Dynamics CRM has a variety of features and benefits to boost productivity and improve efficiency across your entire organization?  Dynamics CRM can be beneficial in the following ways: Customer Service Microsoft Dynamics CRM will increase the capability of your support team by providing them with a clear view of all cases …

MS Dynamics CRM – More Than a Sales Force Automation Tool! Read More »

CRM 2011 Marketplace – Find Solution Extensions Within CRM

With this level of interaction between customers and partners the result can only be a more robust and lively marketplace producing better products and more satisfied customers.

What If I Want My Popular Web Links In CRM?

By using the Workplace reports section in CRM you can create a report type called Link to Web Page.

Who Else Wants a Way to Display Sales Data in CRM Without Doing a Sales Integration?

Well here is the way to have your customers and your numbers too. Iframes.


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