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A Sneak Peek at Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

We are in the process of gearing up for Sneak Peeks of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 all over the country. Our consultants around the country have been meeting weekly to review many of the enhancements in Dynamics CRM 2011 as we prepare for these events and the upcoming launch of the new product. A couple […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs Industry Specific Solution

An employee benefit consulting firm servicing midsized businesses with 50 to 1,000 employees selected Microsoft Dynamics CRM to support their customer service operations.  Customer service is what sets this benefits administrator apart. They had been using a propriety system written in Microsoft Access, managing activity in Microsoft Outlook’s Saved Folders, and saving plan details to […]

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Not-for-Profit Organization Moves from Grant Program to Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM

A non-profit, membership organization which provides services and supports to persons of all ages with intellectual and developmental disabilities implemented Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM for use throughout their organization.  Providing advocacy and access to educational, vocational, recreational and critical life skills programs, this non-profit is an essential resource for consumers, their families and the community. Before […]

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Five Reasons To Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM For Your Non-Profit Organization

While attending a recent fund raising event, I ran into a few end-users frustrated with their non-profit fund raising software.  The solution met their needs as a small nonprofit, however as the organization grew and required more detailed information, the shortfalls with the system became apparent.   The common complaint was the difficulty manipulating the information post-export.  […]

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Part One: Why CRM Implementations Fail – The Client’s Perspective

Early customer relationship management (CRM) technology was complex, costly and plagued by poor user adoption. Users who did deploy CRM systems reported that projects failed to achieve expected returns on investment (ROI). This post is the first part of a two part series on why CRM implementations have such high failure rates across all industries.  […]

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