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Beringer Technology Group's Logo CRM for Distribution Demo Video "A Day in the Life Of Sales"

Check out a full video demonstration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 from the perspective of a sales person and how they would go about their day.  This video offers great […]

PDG Consultants's Logo Staying Relevant with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

All too often, businesses adopt a new technology, assuming this will improve business even if they don't take advantage of the new tools. Few things change faster than the state […]

PDG Consultants's Logo Study Says Social Media Still not Key Buying Influence for Technology Buyers

There is a lot of talk about social media as it relates to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) selection. Do social media features have a major influence on your decision of […]

PDG Consultants's Logo Move Over Midmarket, Microsoft Proves Dynamics CRM Is For Enterprise Level Too

 Forget what you think you know about Microsoft Dynamics CRM. If you thought it was just for small to medium companies and relegated to only the "midmarket" industries, think again. […]

PDG Consultants's Logo Need a CRM Project Implementation Methodology ?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM, as easy as it seems, is not a pre-packaged, off the shelf type of software that can be bought and implemented without any prior knowledge or expertise. […]

RSM US LLP's Logo Harnessing the Power of Dialogs with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Utilizing all the functionalities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is a sure bet to increase your organization's productivity, optimize daily operations, and enhance your work processes at all levels. One […]

RSM US LLP's Logo Effective Customer Segmentation Helps Move Sales Quickly Through Cycle

I was invited on-site to meet with a new client's marketing department and hear about their challenges with customer segmentation.  They are an international distribution company, headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, implementing Microsoft Dynamics […]

RSM US LLP's Logo What You Need to Consider with a Business System Implementations

In the sales process, prospects always ask us how we approach projects and if we think it is best to implement the achieved objective all at once or in a […]

RSM US LLP's Logo Constant Contact vs CoreMotives: Which Add-on is Better for Customer Tracking?

It seems like everyone interested in email marketing is using Constant Contact and while I agree, it’s a great solution, you could use a tool like CoreMotives and extend your […]

RSM US LLP's Logo Microsoft Dynamics CRM Provides Organizations With "End to End" Business Solutions

CRM systems historically managed all aspects of the sales process - from the time a company is identified as a prospect, through their first order with your organization.  CRM systems effectively […]


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