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Introducing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Rollup Fields

Have you ever wanted to calculate a value leveraging a one to many relationship in Microsoft Dynamics CRM? With the recent release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, you can easily do this using Rollup Fields. Rollup Fields allow you to create fields based on formulas commonly used in Microsoft Excel such as SUM, MIN, MAX […]

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Error When Opening A User Record In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Error When Opening A User Record In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011  I had a recent phone call from a customer who was getting a generic “Error has occurred” message when clicking on any user account in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM organization. There was no mention of denial of permissions or an error code, just a […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Performance – Coding methods

There are multiple methods to coding when adding or retrieving data, but some methods are better than others when it comes to performance.  Below are some coding methods which are defined within the SDK that you should consider when coding your custom processes and applications for optimal Dynamics CRM 2011 performance.   ExecuteMultipleRequest Within the […]

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Visit the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Trust Center

One of the primary fears business people often express about cloud computing is that the cloud providers will mishandle or insufficiently protect their data. After all, in the cloud, businesses must trust all of their data, which often contains critical business information, to the hands of a remote stranger. If there is any doubt, any fear […]

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Why a Simple CRM Software Deployment Is More Important Than Fancy Features

CRM software has been constantly evolving to meet the needs of businesses around the world, and that will continue. When selecting software, companies often look for the most feature-rich applications, but that may not be the best approach. The secret to a successful CRM system, says, is clean, simple implementation. Imagine you just got […]

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Staying Relevant with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

All too often, businesses adopt a new technology, assuming this will improve business even if they don't take advantage of the new tools. Few things change faster than the state of the tech industry, and businesses that want to stay relevant need to stay ahead, rather than play catch-up. Few things are revolutionizing the way […]

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Enhancing Microsoft Dynamics CRM User Experience by Tweaking Internet Explorer

As it is said in Sales that, ‘First impression makes a lasting impression’ the same is true with Microsoft Dynamics CRM user experience.  There are many ways that one can configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM, but it is how the end user perceives the CRM application that will determine the user adoption rate and eventually the success […]

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The Game Has Changed for CRM Software; Companies Must Adapt

Once upon a time, a Rolodex sat upon a desk next to a phone. There was no laptop, only a stack of business cards, a pen, and a notepad. This was how businesses related to customers. While that meant more time on the phone, it also meant more time spent meeting face-to-face. Much has changed […]

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Will Yammer Boost Microsoft Dynamics into Social CRM?

News from several sources including suggests that Microsoft has acquired the social enterprise network Yammer for $1.2 billion.  This move could help propel Microsoft into the forefront of the race to offer social CRM features to customers. Yammer provides enterprises with a private secure social networking system, which the company asserts is just as […]

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CRM Enabled Distributors Outperform the Competition (Special Two Part Webinar Series)

 Plan to attend this two-part webinar series focusing specifically on sales effectiveness in the Supply Chain and Distribution space. Beringer Associates, an award winning Microsoft Dynamics Partner specializes in helping their distribution clients implement and leverage CRM technology. Joining Beringer in these webinars will be Barry Trailer, Managing Partner of CSO Insights.  CSO Insights is a […]

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