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Social Media Tips for Customer Service Reps Using CRM Software

 Social media has quickly become one of the primary methods of communication for consumers. The businesses that have recognized this reality also know that if they can reach out to customers via social media, they can engage customers in ways they never could in the past. This article, Social Media Customer Relations Tips, has some […]

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Go Mobile! with Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Webinar

Two-Part Webinar Series   See CWR Mobile CRM for Microsoft Dynamics - In Action! Attend this informative session to learn how to extend your Microsoft CRM solution to your mobile workers. This one-hour webinar will provide an overview of key features and functionality, demonstrations on different mobile devices, and direct answers to your questions. See […]

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Practical Considerations to Integrating the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Outlook Client and SharePoint Document Management Integration

The native SharePoint integration into Microsoft Dynamics CRM has caused a lot of excitement over the last few months.  The powerful document management capability of SharePoint combined with the ease of access to documents when working within a Dynamics CRM record like Accounts, Contacts or Opportunities has been well documented in a number of articles […]

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