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Cloud CRM for Less – Special Promotion

Get Paid $200 for each Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online User Subscription License. Offer Expires May 28th, 2011 Do you love getting a deal on a new purchase? Do you delight in finding $20 on the ground? Do you love saving money on things you need so you can spend it on things you really want? […]

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Extending the Reach of CRM with Marketing Automation

Today’s information savvy prospects don’t have a lot of time or patience for lengthy sales calls. When you are fortunate enough to interact directly with a hot lead, you will need to provide immediate, relevant, valuable information in order to keep the potential customer engaged in the conversation. Marketing automation can arm your sales team […]

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Streamline Customer Service with Guided Processes

Many companies implementing a CRM solution focus their efforts on the sales and marketing aspect of their business. However, customer satisfaction and retention can be just as important to the success of your CRM solution and your business in general. As written in the Harvard Business Review, management consultants Frederick Reichheld and Earl Sasser estimate […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Rebate Starting at $3,000!

As you may have heard, on Monday, December 6th, Microsoft announced a “Cloud CRM for Less” offer.  Given that Microsoft’s release of the Open Letter from Michael Park which announced Cloud CRM for Less coincided with the start of Dreamforce, the annual customer conference…  And given that their new campaign “Don’t Get Forced. Get […]

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