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STAR Helps Dynamics CRM Online Meet Security and Regulatory Requirements

Back in July, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM team had an important announcement on cloud security that may have flown under the radar for many of us. Microsoft had registered CRM Online with the Cloud Security Alliances' STAR (Security, Trust, & Assurance Registry) program. That's a mouthful. Translation: Dynamics CRM Online has met certain data security […]

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New Productivity Pack for Dynamics GP to Dynamics CRM Connector

The Connector for Microsoft Dynamics, which has been available for about two years, provides integration between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics GP (previously Great Plains), as well as NAV and AX. The Connector is to be able to pull information between the transactional world of GP and CRM’s customer-centric records. Earlier this month Microsoft […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Gets More Social in 2012

Introduced in the November 2011 service update, Activity Feeds were a solid first step in bringing more real-time collaboration and social aspects to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The key idea is that entities in Dynamics CRM have a social dimension. CRM records can have their own wall or stream of posts, either automatically generated by a […]

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More Visualization Possibilities with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Big data has clearly become a big topic in the last year. Interestingly some of those same techniques and approaches cross over nicely to the CRM realm. Take visualization of data. With so many dataset possibilities both within Microsoft Dynamics, as well as importable data in your own organization, finding data is not the issue […]

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CRM Selection and Implementation Best Practices

At Green Beacon Solutions, our focus is not only on providing quality consulting and managed services, but we also work closely with our prospective clients to assess their needs and help them select the customer relationship management (CRM) solution that's right for them. Below we’ve highlighted key strategies when considering a new CRM implementation or […]

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Dynamics CRM: Improving Customer Relationships in an Over-Connected World

With a fast evolving market, businesses are expected to keep up with all their customers’ needs.  How are you supposed to keep up when there are new channels popping up every day? While your customers are more connected, they may not want to be contacted through all those channels.  The problem now becomes the experience […]

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CRM for Nonprofits: Turn Your CRM into a DRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM combines everyday Microsoft Office applications with powerful customer relationship management (CRM) software to rapidly improve relationships with donors, volunteers, and clients. Microsoft Community Affairs has worked with the Dynamics product team to create Donation Management, a solution that turns a powerful sales and marketing tool into a robust CRM tailored to non-profit […]

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Find A Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Launch Event Opportunity

As we near the official launch of CRM 2011 in January, it is important to keep track of all the launch events and product demonstrations available. CRM 2011 has a huge campaign behind it and many different opportunities to learn more about how to sign up and start using the newest, most user-friendly Microsoft CRM. Bing CRM […]

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4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering CRM Software

Whenever there is question about going forward with a new enterprise-wide application, I believe there are a few critical questions that have to be well thought out and answered in order to make the decision on whether or not to proceed. My questions come from each of the roles I perform at my job. The questions […]

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