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Dynamics 365 April 2019 Release Notes Are Here

If you have been keeping an eye on the Microsoft Documentation site, you will have noticed the "Release Notes" sections. Microsoft started publishing the Release Notes for the Spring 2018 update release as part of their update modernization of Dynamics 365. Also, these release notes will be published several weeks ahead of the new updates. […]

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How Dynamics 365 Will Help Your Company Attract and Retain Employees

The workforce is changing in dramatic ways. As the baby boomer generation continues to exit the workforce, they are being replaced with millennials – the first generation to grow up surrounded by technology. In order to attract the best talent from this younger generation, businesses will need to take a hard look at their IT […]

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Exclusive Event: HVAC Mobile. Stay Connected.

We all realize how important it now is to implement mobile solutions for your HVAC service company. But how impactful can an HVAC mobile solution really be? Attend this event to find out. With a limited number of seats available at the Microsoft customer experience center, space will fill up quickly so register now. Productivity Cut […]

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The History of CRM: A Consultant’s Perspective – Part Two

In the first part of this post I presented the first 5 chapters of the evolution of CRM from my own perspective. This second and final part of the history of CRM will take you through the next five milestones I thought were important!   XRM CRM Software evolved in such a way that it […]

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NEW Tiered Pricing for CRM 2013

Most people who have researched the price of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online know that it's $44 per month per user.  It's been that way since 2008.  All of that is about to change with the release of CRM 2013 in the fall.  Microsoft announced the introduction of tiered pricing in order to make buying Microsoft CRM […]

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